Teacher Appreciation Week

Come And Set Sail With Us For Teacher Appreciation Week!
March 23-27, 2020

The Mt. Bethel PTA Hospitality Appreciation Committee is planning some special events for our amazing teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week! We hope you’ll join us in showing our wonderful teachers how much we truly appreciate them. Read below for details on how to show appreciation to our teachers throughout this great week! 


*More information will come from room parents soon!*




Monday- Crabby til I Get My Coffee!
Teachers will enjoy a coffee cart visit to their classroom to start the day. Please SIGN UP HERE to help captain the carts or donate supplies


Tuesday- We Want To Sail-abrate you!
PTA will provide a luncheon for the staff, as well as a raffle filled with great prizes. We are beginning to collect prizes, so please CLICK HERE if you’re able to donate or ask a local business for a prize! Donation ideas: gift cards, themed baskets, fun experiences, etc.


Wednesday- We Treasure Our Teachers!
Please label and send in:
A gift card for your child’s classroom teacher(s) AND a gift card for the specials teacher your child sees today. The suggested amount is $5 EACH, no cash please.



Check your class calendar for which Special (Art, Music, P.E., STEM, or Technology) your child has.

NOTE: Each homeroom is assigned one specific PE teacher, so if your child’s special is PE, you still only need to send one gift card for specials. 


Don’t forget other “special” teachers your child sees! (EIP, Target, Speech, Learning Commons, etc).
At this link you will find a template for a thank you note that you can write (from you, the parent) expressing your gratitude for all they do. The teachers cherish these notes each year!


Thursday- Thanks For Being Our Anchor!
First mates bring lunch for the classroom captain! Please SIGN UP HERE  to buy and deliver a teacher's favorite lunch


Friday- Sail Into A Soup-er Weekend!
Let’s send our teachers off with a lunch spread of crockpots full of homemade soups and chilis! Please SIGN UP HERE to cook or volunteer