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Common Questions

Many parents have asked how the PTA raises funds, how the PTA differs from the Mt. Bethel Foundation, where the money goes, and who makes those decisions.  The two organizations have prepared information detailing when fundraisers are held, lists of various charitable giving opportunities, and a description of how each event benefits your child(ren) and the community.  Our PTA and Foundation have presented this information in the following documents


General PTA and Foundation information


Purpose of the MBES PTA

The Mt. Bethel Elementary PTA is committed to the following purposes.

  • Ensure that all programs advocate for the welfare of our children.
  • Broaden our children’s awareness of community and foster a respect for differences through a cooperative effort by parents, teacher, staff and our Partners-In-Education.
  • Foster a positive relationship between the PTA, faculty, staff, Foundation and our children through ongoing communication and planned social events.
  • Provide continuing education on legislative initiatives and child development programs.
  • Support environmentally friendly activities and raise environmental awareness



Business Membership

As a local business you have an opportunity to support Mt Bethel Elementary through a PTA Membership. With your support, the PTA provides student educational resources, classroom supplies, and provide staff support in the form of volunteers and teacher/grade level stipends. The PTA also executes a variety of impactful programs at Mt. Bethel, and all of these opportunities are made possible through membership and support. 




Non-Profit Status

Mt. Bethel Elementary School PTA in Marietta, Georgia, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Employer Identification Number under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) for Mt. Bethel Elementary School PTA is 58-1375982.