What a special week we have planned to learn the importance of exercise, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and taking care of our minds! See below for the schedule of events. Hope you enjoy the week and learn some new tips and tricks to keep your bodies and minds growing healthy and strong.


Monday, February 13th – Jump Rope for Heart/H20 Day

Don’t forget to drink your water throughout the day! Bring a reusable water bottle to lunch for a chance to win a BRAND NEW water bottle!

**Kick Healthy Habits Week off with Mount Bethel parent (and trainer!) Amy Sonke for a 30 minute HITT workout WITH your kiddos! This class is made for anyone and everyone…all you need to bring is some water and yourself! We’ll move together, breathe together, and - most importantly - have fun together! We hope to see you there! Class will be held at Mt Bethel at 3:45pm. Open to all students, parents, and staff!


Tuesday, February 14th – Healthy Snack Day

Try a new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried today! Share a picture of the fruit/vegetable and use the hashtag #healthybuccaneers. We can’t wait to see you trying something new! Bonus points if it’s a fruit or vegetable that you had never heard of before!

You are also challenged to make a healthy snack at home today (berries, whole grains, nuts, dark chocolate, oatmeal, and apples). Here is a link for some easy, fun, healthy snacks to try!


Wednesday, February 15th – Wellness Wednesday/Mental Health Day

Let’s take a NO SCREENS Challenge and focus on taking care of our minds today by getting extra outside time, taking deep breaths, focusing on gratitude, journaling and talking about our feelings. Use today to play a card or board game, write a poem, or make a fairy garden. Try this link for a calming kid-friendly exercise!

**Parents join us for a FREE ride at 10:45 at CycleBar East Cobb! Must sign up ahead.


Thursday, February 16th- Tasty Thursday

Send in a favorite recipe, drawing of your healthy plate or picture of you eating healthy, Gift cards to be raffled off to 10 participants! Look for your pictures to be posted on the cafeteria bulletin board!


Friday, February 17th – Fitness Friday/Sports Day

Wear your favorite sport or team shirt to school. This day is all about promoting the importance of being physically active! After school, organize a neighborhood basketball, baseball or football game or go on a family walk or hike! Click this link for amazing hiking trails right here in East Cobb. Having an indoor dance party, scavenger hunt, or hide & seek are also good options to make movement fun!