Healthy Habits Week


Healthy Habits will be a special week of learning the importance of exercise, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, keeping yourself clean, and being friendly to everyone.



Monday, February 10th - Wear your PJ's & Hygiene Day
Donate hygiene products (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.) and come to school in your pajamas!
Tuesday, February 11th - Eating Healthy Day
Send in a picture/drawing of you eating healthy or write out your favorite healthy recipe! Whole Foods gift cards to be awarded to three submissions!

Wednesday, February 12th - H2O Day
Don't forget to drink your water throughout the day! Bring your reusable water bottle to school for a chance to win a new water bottle at lunch.
Thursday, February 13th - Sports Day
Wear your favorite sport or team shirt to school and remember the importance of being physically active! 





For more information about Healthy Habits week you can send an email to