Forms that PTA committee members can use!

The PTA Leadership Handbook is the official go-to resource for all your PTA questions. Information in this handbook includes:

  • Committee Chairs List & Reporting Structure
  • Committee Chair Responsibilities
  • Financial Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Soliciting Donations
  • Correspondence/Copy Process

Frequently needed forms, such as the Copy Request Form and Check Request Form, can also be found in this file. If you are a Mt. Bethel PTA Committee Chairperson, please become familiar with this document!


Check Request

Are you a teacher applying for a stipend? 

Are you a committee member who has bought supplies for your program?


In order to be reimbursed for a PTA approved activity, a Check Request Form must be submitted to a vice president or president for approval. Be sure to complete each line on the form and attach original receipts or invoices. Please submit requests in a timely manner.  More information can be found in the "Financial Guidelines" of the PTA Leadership Handbook.


Check Request Form

Committee Report and Plan of Work

If you are a committee chair - these are the forms to fill out for your VP.

Committee Report form

Plan of Work form

Copy Request Form

Do you have a PTA flyer or communication that needs to be approved for distribution?  Please complete the form below and return it to your VP with the original document. Be sure to allow enough time for approvals and copying. Thanks!


Copy Request Form

Full instructions for copy requests with form



If you are a teacher and would like the Copy Crew to make copies, you can use the Teacher Copy Request Form.


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