Co-Presidents - Dara Onori and Jennifer Pila- co-presidents@mtbethelpta.org

1st Vice President - Kelli Gloekler - 1stvp@mtbethelpta.org

2nd Vice President - Ruby Kaur - 2ndvp@mtbethelpta.org

3rd Vice President - Ellen Bloch Nagel - 3rdvp@mtbethelpta.org


Parliamentarian - Kathleen Corrao - parliamentarian@mtbethelpta.org

Secretary -Nalley Tabor - secretary@mtbethelpta.org

Treasurer - Tina Patel - treasurer@mtbethelpta.org


Click here for complete list of 2017-18 committees and contacts.



PTA is You ...

 ...communicating, parenting, learning, volunteering, decision making, and collaborating! 

The focus of our website is communication which is an integral part of the success of your PTA.  But, for communication to be truly effective, it must be two-way. Feel free to contact us with input, questions, comments, and concerns.  We love to hear new ideas!